D.Morrell Watercolour Landscapes  Original Paintings of Yorkshire


Watercolour artist, David Morrell, was born in the West Yorkshire town of Huddersfield in 1941. He studied art at the Huddersfield School of Art from 1956 to 1961, with a further year at the Carnegie College - Leeds University. He pursued a career in teaching until 1998 when he became a full-time professional artist, specialising in watercolour landscape painting.

His technique and approach to watercolour landscape painting have been heavily influenced by the English watercolourists of the 19th Century, including J.M.W Turner, John Varley, John Glover, Thomas Girtin and Peter De Wint, as the original work of these artists have been available for detailed study. Principally, his work is observational and concerned with composition, space, tone and the subtlety of low-key colour, as evidenced in most of his paintings of Yorkshire.

David is the only watercolour artist that I know that is currently working in this English Impressionist Romantic genre. The pallet and techniques that he uses have not been taught since the 1850's, when apprenticeships could be purchased. These methods have had to be studied by first-hand observation and analysis of original works. Consequently, his work is an interesting mix of personal style, art school training and historic references.

Monkgate - York
Monkgate - City of York.

D.Morrell NDD. ATC.

It is fascinating to see contemporary scenes expressed with the unmistakable influence of such a venerable mode of English painting. Most current landscape artists, in both watercolour and oil mediums, present a landscape as one snap-shot view of a wider scene. But David's paintings are composed as worlds within their own borders. The subject is borne within the attendant margins that hold its world together. In this case, the painting is not a clip from a wider scene, but an independent whole, existing in its own right and measured by its own criteria.

Access to these paintings is limited since copies of this work are not available in print. However, original D.Morrell watercolours have been exhibited in a variety of galleries throughout North and West Yorkshire, and some works can currently be seen at the Headrow Gallery, Harrogate Road, Alwoodley, Leeds, LS17 8DP. Additionally, of course, a large folio can be viewed on this website.


Notes by: Peter J.Jackson MA (Hist.Art).

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