D.Morrell Watercolour Landscapes  Paintings of Cambridge

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King's College - Cambridge.

The paintings of Cambridge presented on this page are an unusual departure for David Morrell, for most of his watercolour paintings draw their inspiration from his home county of Yorkshire. However, there is a family connection with Cambridge, since his sister, Joan,( the well known founder and proprietor of the ‘Cambridge Modern Jazz Club’), moved there in the late 1960's. Following a recent visit, David has produced a series of paintings of the town and university colleges. The first of which is a view of King's College Chapel and Gibbs Hall. The painting depicts the scene bathed in the low sunlight of a late September afternoon, with grazing cattle in the foreground shadows and Clare College visible to the left. The design utilizes these darker tones and those to the left and right as a foil for the centre ground and the subject of the painting.

This painting; ‘King's College - Cambridge’ measures 52x35cm. plus mount and frame and is priced at £450.00 net.

Darwin College - Cambridge.

The contrasting history and architecture of Darwin College is clear in this, the second watercolour composition of the series. Newham Grange was originally built by a local corn and coal merchant in 1793. The site was acquired by the university in 1964. The new library and study centre was added in 1994. This area of the river Cam is colloquially referred to as the ‘mill pool’, where punting is a popular leisure activity. The inclusion of the figures gives the picture some human interest whilst establishing the scale. The warm illumination of the ‘centre of interest’ is an effective device in drawing the eye to where the artist wants it to go, and that is, naturally, where the figures are placed. The contrasting tones that surround it, or more technically; the ‘chiaroscuro’, is the operator that makes it work as a composition.

This painting; ‘Darwin College - Cambridge’ measures 35x24cm. plus mount and frame and is priced at £350.00 net.

Silver Street Bridge - Cambridge.

The third painting in the series, entitled; ‘Silver Street Bridge’, goes some way to indicate why Cambridge is often referred to as Britain's Venice. This complex composition deals with one of the most difficult representational tasks in painting, and that is, of course, reflection. The warm light of the buildings reflected in the cool water creates a contrast as delightful as light and shade itself. This area of the Mill Pool is the centre of the punting activity; where the vessels are moored when not in use and where the boaters board and disembark. As with the painting of Darwin College, the figures give the painting a sense of scale and human presence and provide a secondary array to attract the eye of the viewer to the focal point of the painting.

This painting; ‘Silver Street Bridge - Cambridge’ measures 35x25cm. plus mount and frame and is priced at £350.00 net.

King's College Campus - Cambridge.

This, the forth painting in the Cambridge series, clearly presents a number of perspective-drawing challenges that have had to be overcome. It is a difficult view to render and I can only imagine the technical difficulties that this scene has presented. It is drawn from the footbridge looking down the river Cam, with a three-quarter angle view of the campus buildings requiring two perspective vanishing points, and the bends in the river requiring a further five. The view is lit from behind and right, throwing the main facade into the shade. The focal point here is the punters on the river, highlighted by the gable-end and the reflections in the river.

This painting; ‘King's College Campus - Cambridge’ measures 35x24cm. plus mount and frame and is priced at £350.00 net.

Notes by Peter J. Jackson MA.

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